Friday, March 18, 2011

Laundry "room" makeover

In my fantasy world, I have an indoor, bright, sunny, laundry room.  There are windows that open to the fresh outdoors and a clothes line that can be reeled in so that I can hang my clothes without ever leaving the room.  On the window sill sit birds that sing to me all day long.  Obviously I am some sort of Disney Princess in this fantasy world.... :)

In reality, I have a Laundry "Area" that fits into a space in my husbands very well used and "Manly" garage.  We do not have the type of garage that simply "stores stuff".  My handy husband is a fixer.  He has tools and greasy things and stuff that I can't name.  So the garage is all his....all except for my little area where I do laundry. 

I decided that I would make this little area as pretty and "me" as I could, so using some paint that we already had, a few thrift store finds and a couple of new "splurges", I made my Laundry Area a place that is cheeful, pretty and neat as a pin.

Here is my before "area 51"... lol... basically a disorganized, dingy area that is cluttered and worn looking.

Notice the worn out rug, dingy sink, and orange dog food bucket.

And, After...a much happier place to do laundry! :)
Things to note, no more trash can.  A brand new, very pretty, floor mat, pretty and fun colors, a nicely organized shelf with coordinating colors for storage.

I spray painted the "dog food bucket" to match my color theme and hot glued a band of red felt around my laundry basket.  The red spoon is a soap holder.  I scrubbed down the outside of the sink and painted the legs red to give a pop of color and make it appear as though it were on a "stand".

This was my one "splurge" item... it was $24 at Lowe's.  But it was SO pretty, and I figured with all the other bits and pieces where I saved money...well, I just really wanted it.  :)

Here are some steps I took...

I grabbed a can of white paint off the shelf...purchased for another project, but I bought a gallon so I have plenty!  I painted the entire inside of the cabinet, and the top and sides of the shelves.

Painted the edges and underside of shelves, as well as cabinet door with a Robins Egg blue paint leftover from another project...

All painted and drying...

I had to make it "girly", so I hot glued lace along the edge of the industrial flourescent light.  I purchased these two red collapsable containers to store bug sprays and cleaning supplies in a neat and clean way.

We kept tripping over the little plastic white trashcan (which was simply for dryer lint).  Everytime we took out our bikes, we knocked it over and lid fell off and lint went did the candy bar wrappers that I would toss in there to conceal my love of chocolate!  So, I replaced with this cute tin bucket.  I purchased it at Lowe's for about $2.50 and spray painted it red.

The spray paint station... Hubby wasn't too happy with my apparent "overspray" effect on his concrete...ooops. :/  I purchased the metal "spoon" and plastic bucket at a thrift store.

Here is my "re-organized" shelf.  I was able to toss several empty cans of OFF that had been hiding in the shelf for years and consolidate extra trash bags and rubber gloves to store neatly.
The little red container was perfect for storing sponges and scrub brushes neatly and it was a whopping .50 cents at the thrift store!  The cute little blue plastic vase was only .30 cents, and matched perfectly...great for storing paint sticks.

Last, but not least, I made this "faux sign" for the cabinet door.  I will show you step-by-step how I did this next come back!

I plan to either spray paint or use vinyl stick letters to apply words to the sink, washer and dryer.  They will be:  SCRUB  WASH   DRY  - Can anyone think of a better word to put on the sink?  If you think of one, let me know... I could only think of Scrub, lol.

Oh, and of course, there are just some things that you can't change...

The fact that my little princess gets very annoyed when I won't let her in the house with "dirty feet"...she was obviously doing yard work while I was busy... Hmmmmm

And THIS....the inside of a garage sink.  It's well used. 


  1. I love your makeover my friend. So cute and so fun!
    See you in a couple of hours!!

  2. I LOVE it! Painting the sink legs - and turning the spoon into a soap holder! - so clever! How about 'SOAK' for the sink? 'Sink or swim'? LOL!
    And I might just have to borrow your lint bucket idea. 8-]

    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  3. That is the absolutely LOVELY-EST laundry room I have ever seen! Much prettier than mine and mine is in the house, upstairs (where the bedrooms are) and doesn't have to share it's space with anyone! I'm inspired now to make my space pretty, too! I love the colors! Sorry about the muddy puppy feet, though...some things are just too cute to fret about.
    Peace and blessings to your day!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sweet thang!!!

  5. pretty! And I love the mat. It was definitely worth the splurge!

  6. You really turned this space around! I really enjoyed your post... came here from your pinterest, where you repinned my potholder pin! Pinning you now!

    Monica Fullerton