Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Funnies ~ The Ramen Cycle

Today I am joining in with my BFF and her Friday Funnies Meme....If you wanna giggle at some other stuff, pop over to her blog...Homesteaders Heart.


  1. This video was so funny! My granddaughter recently asked "Did you have remotes back in the 90's?"

    Thanks for your comment on my blog The bikini top story was awesome! (I'm sure the teenage boys are still telling it!)

  2. Too funny! I didn't go to college but had friends that did.. too funny!

  3. Oh, too funny!! I know it's bad, but I still get an occasional craving for Ramen noodles (probably just a craving for the salt actually) and every once in a great while I have some using half a packet - sshhhhh... :)