Thursday, January 27, 2011

Really thankful?

I tucked in the sheets, and smoothed out my bed cover, eyeing the basket of freshly washed clothes that sat next to my bed.  Those would need to be put away.  Several chores crossed my mind that I'd like to get done today or the next,... begin the grout cleaning, scrub down the shower, finish making bedroom curtains... on and on the list goes.

I wasn't thinking of it as overwhelming, just going over it in my mind, and then a thought occured to me.

Every chore that I have on my list is a reminder of a specific blessing in my life.

I am so very blessed to have clothes to wash fold and put away...there are many who have very little.  There are many who have no shoes, no washer or dryer, no laundry basket to sit by the bed.

I am so very blessed to have grout to clean.  I have a home with tile floors, I have a roof over my head, walls to keep me safe and warm...or cool.  There are so many who have dirt floors, a sheet of aluminum for a roof, ...or no home at all.

I am so very blessed to have a shower that needs a scrubdown, a potty to clean, and sink to wash out.  I have not one, but two bathrooms in my home.  There are many who have no place for such a private luxury.  No plumbing or pipes to take away the refuse, no soft towels to dry off with, so soap or clean water to bathe in.

I am so very blessed to be making new curtains for my bedroom.  I have fabric, money, a sewing machine, and a home with glass windows that let in sunshine but keep out rain.  There are many who can't even imagine that kind of life.

Every day, do we take for granted the "normal" things in our lives?  Or can we take a moment to remember how blessed we are, and to thank the gracious God who has given us those gifts. 

If you have a home, you are blessed. 
If you are struggling with finances, you are still blessed.
If you think feeding your family is expensive, you are feeding them, you are blessed.
If your have a toothbrush, a plate, a cup, a mirror, a brush, a pair of socks, you are blessed.

Have you ever stared into the pantry and wondered what to make for dinner?  I have.  Have you ever noticed how much food is in there, and yet you still say "There's nothing to make for dinner"?  We are so incredibly blessed.  How do I know I can include YOU in this?  Becuase you are sitting at a computer reading it.  If you can do that, you are blessed.

We are rich beyond belief when we compare ourselves to those who go without what we would consider basic necessities each and every day.  Our homes are mansions, our cars are chariots, our food is lavish, our clothing like that of royalty.  When you look at your life that way, chores become a gift. 

We are blessed to be given the opportunity to care for these things we have been given.  Fold those clothes with honor and delight.  Make that shower sparkle, no matter it's size or the materials it is made from, it is an amazing gift that you have been blessed with.  Tuck in those sheets and make those beds with a song in your heart for you are blessed that at night you can lay on a mattress, pull those blankets up over your body and feel safe, warm and blessed.

Thank you Lord Jesus for all your precious gifts.  Help us to always remember to be thankful for those things that we have become the norm for us.  Help us to see that even our very basic items are such a huge gift, from You.

"He who is generous will be blessed..." ~ Proverbs 22:9a


  1. We are truly blessed that is for sure! Thank you so much for the reminder!

  2. Wow Kathy, this is good. We do so take things for granted. This so fits in with the JOY I try to share and also with the sermon series our pastor has been speaking on. Last week - "I Quit - Complaining" I know I need to slow down and remember to be thankful for all things and remember that there is JOY in all things!!

    Love you and your heart!!

  3. Nice my friend! A super duper way to look at things!
    Love your heart!
    Love you!

  4. So true. I can bemoan the fact that I'm having to live with my mom or I can be thankful we're not on the street. Actually we have a lead on a house, so it's just temporary anyway.

  5. Oh Kathy! This is sooo good and you are sooo right! I am very guilty of the pantry one! Look forever and think "There is NOTHING to eat!" yet just as you said...there is TONS!!!

    I love your heart! and I love you!

    Awesome post today!!

  6. THAT was just the boost I needed today! (check out the last paragraph of my post and you'll know why). THANK YOU for writing that. I'm going to go about my day in a different light today and be thankful for each and every task on my list.
    Peace and blessings to you.

  7. Hi dear Kathy
    I often feel guilty for being so blessed. In South Africa where I live the most people are extremely poor and it breaks my heart to see in what conditions many people live in. May our Lord grant us all hearts filled with thankfulness for all His wonderful gifts.Thanks for this timely reminder! Over via Barbie's.
    Much love

  8. "Fold those clothes with honor and delight" ~ absolutely beautiful and a post full of wisdom! Have you ever read a book called "Keeping House, The Litany of the Everyday" by Margaret Kim Peterson? I think you would really really enjoy it :-)