Thursday, December 9, 2010

I haven't posted since Oct

Some people are "born bloggers"...apparently I am not.  I have a lot to say, really I do, but it's mostly stuff that only a Mother would love to hear...or a hubby, or a best friend,.... or my dog. :)

But for the sake of throwing something out there in case I don't come back until next year, I thought I'd "blog" today.

Life has been interesting lately.  Some lessons have been learned, sadly they were the kind you always knew about but never really wanted to KNOW about.  BUT, God is good.  He is on His throne, and He's totally in control....I love that.  It makes everything worth while.  He has a plan...that's a good thing.

So, here it is December 9th.  We finally got the best friends all moved into their new house...nice house!  I do not envy them upacking the gazillion boxes...where was all that stuff in their old house????  I have no clue.  I do not envy them moving so close to Christmas, but what a fantastic Christmas gift for the whole family! :) 

We finally got our Christmas lights up, got a tree...a real one... Mmmmm, love that smell, and feel, :).  Hubby usually tries to talk me into getting a fake one, but this year HE suggested we go out and get a tree before I even hinted at "it's tree time".  I love him.  I bet he doesn't really want a fake one....ever. :)

Stormie prefers real trees too...

Someday I'm going to photograph my hubby putting up lights outside.  It's a little scary.  We have a tall palm tree that he decorates oh so pretty.  He has to use our RV as a "platform"...yup the neighbors know when we're putting up lights, lol.  THEN he has to stand on a very tall ladder to complete the connections.  This is when I start to sweat and my heart starts's scary.  I don't care how sure footed and strong he's just scary to see him up there.

Usually we have a full house for Christmas dinner, last year there were 14 of us!  This year however, we have dwindled.  My best friends parents won't be here, my in-laws won't be here, and *sigh* son won't be here. :( 

He's still in Afghanistan, livin' in a tent.  I sent him some garland and cookies.  I love him.  I miss him.  I can't WAIT till February!!!!!  I get him for a week.  That sure doesn't seem like enough time after 6 months in another country.  Oh why do kids have to grow up and get lives of their own?  I want to fill that week with so much stuff that we are worn out at the end of it!!!

So, we've had so much swirling around in our brains lately that I have not done ANY Christmas shopping (except for Cris' garland).  It doesn't seem to bother me much except I really love giving presents.  So I MUST get something.  I love the way my tree looks with gifts underneath....maybe I'll just wrap boxes.  I do have something for my bestest girlfriend (I got it a while back)...but she's WAY too easy to shop for.  Everytime I go anywhere I see something that I could get her for Christmas....I could fill a moving truck full of things she'd like.  Hubby, however, wants nothing.  He is the most happy and content man I know. 

I've been baking cookies...for the neighbors...I had to taste them of course...they are yummy. :)

The festivities of Christmas certainly feel "different" this year...but the fact is that if Christmas is really about celebrating the birth of Jesus, the "feeling" never changes.  It is always the same, a beautiful reminder and time of reflection on the humble way that our Savior, our Lord, came to this earth.  He came to live a life here, to show us how much he can relate to our pains, our trials and our joys.  Thank You Jesus!!!!  I love You.

Merry Christmas friends!


  1. I love that I'm so easy to shop for. LOL! Yay me! Ha!
    I'm going to need that fun festive dinner that you always make because it just finishes off Christmas because you are our family and we love you and can't wait to come over and see you on that wonderful precious night!
    I love you my bestest!

  2. Oh I am so glad yo posted. It HAS been a while, and I kept coming in here to see if you had any other wonderful thing to say.

    Amen about the lessons we know but don't want to learn.

    We will pray for your son specially hard ( as well as his momma) during the holidays.

    I am totally with you about the shopping. I got my older daughter's gift ( she is SO EASY) and then we got sick. Still have a sick child with a temp of 103. :( I HAVE to get shopping already!

    Amen to the not going out there when he is putting up the lights. I can't do it. :P And the palm tree thing??!! I literally laugh out loud! Can't even imagine. Today it was a lovely high of 27 here. :P

    Again,SO GLAD you posted!! And if you don't pop back until after, Have a holy & beautiful Christmas!

  3. So happy to hear that someone else has not done Christmas shopping yet. However, your post was from December 9. Today is December 15 and this fact still holds true for me. The kids and I have been sick and this puts a damper on mommy getting out during the school day to shop! Can you say, "POWER SHOP?"
    I'm sorry your son won't be home for Christmas. Your February will be a wonderful late Christmas present for you.
    Peace and blessings to your day.

  4. I didn't know you had a boxer. Cutie!

    February is closer... must be hard to have him so far away. Do you get to skype?