Monday, November 9, 2009

Mountain Fall Vacation

I'm back! :) We spent a whole week tromping around North Georgia and Southern North Carolina (that sounds weird) - hiking to waterfalls, driving through colorful, winding roads, and enjoying the cooler air.
It seemed that I heard myself over and over again saying... "Oh wow!" ~ "That's gorgeous!" ~ "Look at those colors!", etc... It truly was a fantastic sight, and each time I see something beautiful that was created by the hands of our amazing and mighty God, I am in awe at his graciousness to us. He could have made trees perform their function (cleaning the air, providing food, etc.) without making them go through these magnificent changes. He could have made them all plain and boring, but He chose in His great goodness to give us the gift of beauty. A masterpiece painting that changes with every shift in the breeze -Wow! Thank you Lord.
It even inspired me to write a poem ~ maybe I'll post it later this week if I get the nerve, LOL.
Although I love visiting the mountains and seeing all the beauty up there, I am always so happy to come home, to the place that God has planted me. Sometimes I find myself complaining about the heat, but there is so much beauty here, that we often take for granted. Sunsets that fill the sky, picking cabbage in December, watching dolphins in the river, growing plumerias and pineapples in my own backyard, the sound of the ocean waves and the feel of sand between my toes. I love how each place in this wild world has it's own style of beauty.
Here is some of the beauty that we we able to enjoy on our trip...I hope you enjoy.
Now I'm gonna catch up on a little blog reading and some household chores that didn't disappear while I was away ~ :)

This is where we stayed ~ just enough room for the 2 of us.

We ALWAYS stop at Schlotzskys in Gainsville, FL, when we head north. We both LOVE it, and it's the only one left in Florida!!!! :(
Anna Ruby Falls ~ can you see me?
Creek cascades below Anna Ruby Falls

Trees that seem to grow out of rocks really have roots that crawl down and around to find the soil.

Wow! That's a tall tree!

High Shoals Falls

Sweet! :)

Do you see the strange little face here? I do!

Blue Hole Falls ~ my and my Love

Baby tree...we'll be back to check on ya' in a few years buddy.

Georgia's highest point ~ Brasstown Bald

A card I made for Kim, but when she got it, it had no body! :(

In front of our picnic table at the lake above Tallulah Gorge Dam

Tallulah Gorge

Beautiful colors!

We saw several signs like this throughout the area,'ll have to click on the picture to read it...

Rock's eye view... :)

Gotta leave my mark!...NO, I didn't do it, but it looks cute! :)


  1. Awww! Good to have you back!

    And the pictures are beautiful!!!!

    It looks like it was perfect. I love the colors. I hope it was as good as it looks.

  2. Fun Fun and more fun! But thank goodness you're back! LOL.
    I'm glad I got to see my tree buddy all intact.
    Love you my friend.

  3. Lovely pics!! That really sounds like my kinda trip! I love mountains, lakes, waterfalls, trees, etc. Glad you had a good time!

  4. Welcome Home!!!! So happy you are back and had such a great time! Wow....your pics are awesome and I agree....God is so gracious it is truly overwhelming!

    Love the Sign :)....makes people stop and think and there is absolutely NO DENYING it is HIS Creation!!

    Thanks for sharing your fabulous pics with us!

    Love ya

  5. Wow that was Beautiful!
    Totally Amazing =D
    I am glad you both had so much FUN!
    and I have to say it again those pictures were AWESOME!
    Many Blessings to you both!

  6. Kathy - looks like y'all had a great time! I just got back from North Arkansas and the trees were just gorgeous!

    Love all the pictures you shared.

  7. I just loved how you described Gods graciousness to us through His creation!!

    Those are wonderful pictures, and I love the color of the trees! Everything was breathtaking. What a blessing to be able to get away w/ hubby for the week!!!

    You look cute as always!

  8. What beautiful pictures!!
    Looks like you had a wonderful time!
    Makes me homesick for MD though. I do miss the fall colors and cool weather this year.. though this nice cooler/breezy weather that we have now is nice...

  9. What beautiful scenery! Looks like you had a lovely time together. Isn't is just nice to get away sometimes?!

    I join you, I like my clothes comfy too!

  10. Hey, there's a Schlotzsky's in Panama City. Well, some would argue that's really south GA. 8-} I hadn't realized all the others were gone.

    Beautiful pics! It's been way too many years since I've seen mountainy scenery in person. Glad y'all had a week to refresh yourselves. And glad you're back. You were missed. 8-]

    Love ya loads, road runner!
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^