Wednesday, November 18, 2009

101 "Thankfuls"...

Thanksgiving is just around the corner (as if you didn't know), and have already seen lot's of Christmas decorations up, SAD! There's a lot of talk of Turkey, stuffing, side dishes and desserts (all of which I enjoy VERY much), but there are also lots of blogs in the "blog-o-sphere" that are posting about what they are thankful for. Since I found out too late about the "ABC's" of Thankfulness, I thought I'd make up my own little list.

Here are 101 things (in no particular order ~ well,...the first one is intentionally the FIRST) that I'm ever so thankful for...

1. My Lord Jesus Christ who saved me from the pit by His might hand and gracious love!!!

2. My super loving, funny, giving, hunk-a-licious, godly, intelligent, sweet Hubby!!!

3. My way too intelligent, gorgeous, strong, self-professing "Momma's Boy", precious Son!!!

4. My oh so funny, caring, fun to hang with, bestest girlfriend in the world, Kim!!!
5. My most adorable boxer on this planet, sweetie pie, snuggle bunches, Stormie!!!

6. Sunsets

7. Chocolate

8. Flowers

9. Babies

10. Love

11. God's Word!!!

12. The smell of fresh cut grass

13. The Ocean

14. Bird songs

15. Quiet mornings

16. Sunrise

17. Coffee

18. Kisses

19. Cozy blankets

20. Air Conditioning

21. Family

22. Cadbury Cream Eggs

23. Water

24. Friendly Neighbors

25. Grandma's

26. Books

27. Trees

28. Salad

29. Whipped Cream

30. Waterfalls

31. Frogs

32. Laughter

33. Good Soil

34. Hugs

35. Love Notes

36. Christmas

37. Cookies

38. Blue Skies

39. Charcoaler Hamburgers (it's an El Paso thing)

40. The sound of "I love you Mom"

41. Smiles

42. Baby Ducks

43. Fresh Baked Bread

44. Snuggling

45. Hot Soup

46. Ice Cream

47. Roses

48. Parents

49. Sisters

50. Movies that make you sigh at the end and smile all the way to your car...

51. Christmas lights

52. Snow!

53. Watermelon

54. Electricity

55. Cooking with Gas!!!

56. Campfires

57. Gardens

58. Farmers

59. Bicycles

60. Fresh Air

61. Dental Floss

62. Snorkel Masks

63. Hand Holding

64. Plumerias

65. Mustard

66. Root Beer!!!

67. Dance

68. Paintbrushes

69. Earthworms

70. Butterfly Kisses

71. Massages

72. Tears

73. Rain

74. Hot Cocoa

75. Springtime

76. Grandpa's

77. Friends

78. The sound of children playing

79. Sewing Machines

80. Squirrells

81. Butterflies

82. Faith

83. Clothing

84. Shoes

85. Fingers

86. Geraniums

87. Thunder and Lightening

88. Cars

89. Carpet

90. Toothpaste

91. Dishes

92. Honesty

93. Patience

94. Eyes

95. Sunshine!!!

96. Gentle Breezes

97. Libraries

98. Tennis Shoes

99. Pastors

100. Angels

101. Heaven

You still with me? You still awake? Did you skip 6-95? LOLOL.....

Have a beautiful day!


  1. LOLOLOLOLOLOL busted! but I went back and read them :) What a great list and I am thankful for YOU, your making me laugh, and your sweet friendship!

    Have an awesome day today!!!

    love ya

  2. Well I'm glad to see that I rank right underneath your immediate family but BEFORE Stormie! LOL. I'll take that place with honor my friend. You know the funny thing is is that my list would look a whole lot like yours! I wonder why? LOL
    Love you my bestest best friend.

  3. Your list made me sigh at the end and smile all the way to the... er... comment box. 8-]
    I would list most of those and add indoor plumbing! I actually thank God sometimes when I flush, lol!

    Love ya loads, grateful gal!
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  4. Oh that's a wonderful list!! There are SO many things to be thankful for! Special blog friends are on my list! :)

  5. Great idea!

    I DID read them and I think I can agree with most.

    I was thinking of doing the same thing, just haven't gotten around to it. May not... :(

    Thanksgiving is my FAVORITE holiday. Yes, even more so then Christmas. I love Christmas, but Thanksgiving is my favorite.

  6. Wonderful list! It does our hearts good to express our gratitude for all the wonderful blessings sent to us from above.