Saturday, August 15, 2015

Sunshine, Joy and God’s Wonders! Days 2 & 3

I really should have taken better notes on what we did each day, but I’ll try to make the best of it all!  :)

Thursday:  Cris and Christina brought some of their “new favorite” board games, and after a breakfast of French Toast (homemade French Bread makes the best!), we played Welcome to the Dungeon over coffee.  I normally am not a fan of games with “creepy names”, lol.  But this game was fun, and you had to be really strategic in your moves and thought process… besides I won the two games we played, so I enjoyed it quite a bit!

Morning coffee and game spot…

11825807_10207265183615936_9216151945885973746_n At that point we split up and ran some errands… Christina and I headed to Ron Jons in Cocoa Beach and did the girl thing… looking at suits and souvenirs.  The guys headed to West Marine to gather a few last minute things for the Keys trip.

We met up for a late lunch at The Burger Joint in Downtown Melbourne and pretty much enjoyed some yummy burgers!

The Burger Joint – Downtown Melbourne…


 That evening, back at home we played with the pups, just chilled together and had something yummy for dinner.. I have no memory of what it was! lol 

Sunset from the front yard…


Momma’s always want to kiss their babies! …

11866265_10207265166335504_3258456618133530220_n  11215067_10207265166775515_7832469356395669261_n

Friday:  Boating with the Pups!!!  I had been wanting to do this for such a long time!  We love taking Stormie out on the river, finding a nice little sandbar play area and letting her splash around.  Ever since we knew that Lyra would be coming, I had wanted to take them both out and see how much fun they would have together.

More so, Christina has never seen our area by boat, and I was looking forward to sharing so much with her about where we live. :)

The forecast said rain….sigh… but we don’t usually let that take us down… rain is expected, and not so bad … usually, lol.  It’s the lightening you want to avoid. ;)  We got pretty lucky and skirted most of the storms, but we did get one cold hard rain that passed over eventually, and ended up having such a fun time!

We were not disappointed with sights to see… we saw dolphins frolicking, a manatee, and a blowfish that we were able to observe for a few minutes in a Frisbee. ;)

P7240086 P7240091 P7240099

We wanted to walk around Sampson’s Island, but the mosquitoes ran us off quickly!  …P7240102

Let’s get out of here! …P7240101

Smiling through a hard rain storm…

P7240106 P7240111 P7240112   P7240127 P7240136 P7240148

Beautiful Christina! …

P7240158 P7240166 P7240176 P7240191 P7240203

Lyra got adventurous and stood next to Stormie on the ships bow… ;)


My precious husband and me. :) …


After we were plenty worn out, we headed to Tijuana Flats for dinner, as Cris was really craving it and they just don’t have ‘em over in Texas!

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  1. We went to that Ron Jons when we were there in June!