Saturday, July 26, 2014

Why O Why?

Why O Why? ~ A Poem by Kathy Charest :)

Why O Why
Does it take so long?

To dust and swipe and move things along?

Why O Why
Can't I leave things alone?

If I touch it, or see it, it needs a new home.

To dust the office means "Make new curtains!"
Will they ever get made?  I can't be certain.

Dusting the Living room should be quite easy,
But then I decide the windows need a squeegee!

Dust the bathroom, move quickly - I can't!
Let's go to the garden and dig up a plant! 
(it'll look nice on the back of the toilet)

Enter the dining, oh isn't it quaint?  
There's teacups and photos...but wait!  THIS needs paint!

Why O Why?  I say with a sigh...
Does it take so long to move dust along?

..... I guess I'd better get back to dusting, after I get this paint off my fingers...  :)

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