Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sweet Valentines Idea…or maybe not

Valentines is coming!

Valentines is coming!

I love Valentines Day.  You know why?  Because that is the day that my precious husband was born.  He is my true Valentine. Smile

I like to do special things for him, little notes, or cards, or gifts for each day the week prior to his birthday.  This year I was excited because Pinterest has so many fun ideas. 

I saw this… isn’t it just cute?!!!


…and thought “What a great idea!”. 

Yesterday I was out and I purchased a box of candy hearts so I could make my own sweet love note…


I sat down today and opened the box, spreading out the sweet hearts onto my table…all ready to read the cute words and plan out my sweet love letter…


Um here are the cute words???

True what?… What up?  Who you?


Seriously.  I’m not quite sure what kind of love note or poem I am going to be able to write with this selection.

What shall I put aside the “nothing” heart?


Soul Ate…It?


Smile or Simile?


My personal favorite…

You make me feel like a…. big glob of sweet mush inside?  Or, you have taken a chunk out of my heart?IMG_7110

Too?  And is that Booger or Boogie?


Oogie?  Right.  This is definitely going to be an interesting Valentine note. Smile  uh huh…



  1. OH MY! LOL! That's pretty sad but I say make it work and then let us know how it came out. LOL!

  2. Such a cute idea, but those hearts are just a *bit* lacking - LOL! Want to see what you create with it anyway - ha,ha! :)

  3. Too cute!!!

    Now where's that photo? Heh? ;)