Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Tom n’ Jerry scene…


All I wanted to do was have her chase a cat out of the yard…that’s all. 

Things never do quite work out the way you plan, eh?

After seeing hubby off to work, I began my day by gazing out the back door at my garden, when something caught my eye.  A creamy fluffy kitty was perusing my garden, looking for a nice potty spot.

It’s not that I dislike cats, it’s just a simple fact…I do not own a cat.  I like them.  I just don’t appreciate one killing my birds and squirrels and poopin’ in my veggie patch…no thank you.

My dog loves to chase squirrels off the bird feeder.  She runs out, they run up a tree or over a fence and all is well in the Charest yard.  So, I figured, I’d just send her out and in 2 seconds flat kitty would be on her way back home.

Not so.

There are certainly times when I wish I had set up the video camera. Smile

I gave the signal…”sssss” (that’s code for “squirrel on the feeder”.  I thought she would be smart enough to figure it out once she got out there…it’s not a big yard.

Precious ding dong dumplin’ runs out there, not 10 feet from the cat (who is now posing in a nice arch stance ready to fight), however, precious Stormie has NO CLUE.  She stares back at me as if to say “Mom!  Where is it? What do I do?”.


So, I point.  She begins to walk in the opposite direction of where I am pointing…sigh.  That’s my girl.  All looks, no brains.

Finally she turns and makes eye contact.  The chase is on….right?  I mean, what should happen now?  A dog runs after a cat, the cat runs, jumps the fence and is gone….RIGHT?

Or, in my case, the dog EXPECTS the cat to run, so she runs into the cat and bowls it over, then they begin to tumble!

I get worried that someone is going to get hurt…and I’m not really worried about the cat, after all, she has claws.

While my dog is 43 pounds of pure muscle and has a powerful jaw full of teeth, she is clueless what to do with them unless it entails chasing remote control cars and licking 1/2 n 1/2 from the bottom of her bowl.

I’m worried about those claws, so I begin calling Stormie…she has become instantly deaf.  The cat takes off…runs ALONG the fence (go over!  go over!!!!).  Then she runs around the shed, Stormie directly on her heels in high speed pursuit. 


All the while, I am in my nightgown, screaming her name at 7:45 am on a Saturday morning.

My apologies to my neighbors. Sad smile  I’m quite sure the noise you heard as you mentally woke up was screaming children playing down the street…yup.  That’s my story.

As they go behind the shed, they scatter through piles of wood stacks, then round the corner with a perfectly good tree right in front of kitty…(go UP!  go UP!!!)…nope.  She keeps running.  As they come full circle, Stormie again bowls kitty over, now kitty is standing ON Stormie’s bac!  Finally Stormie begins to hear a sound…


she comes running inside…looking VERY dazed and confused. 

Kitty jumps the fence to safety.  Stormie is in complete shock.

“Mom, what WAS that?????  That thing FREAKED me out!  It touched me, ewwwww.  I need a drink…now!”

I left the door open and for about 30 minutes she was AFRAID to go back outside.  Yup, that’s my guard dog.


  1. Oh Stormster! A video would have been great. LOL!
    Love you my friend.

  2. Oh goodness!! What a sight!!! Of course our dog will bark and bark at a cat until they leave, but he won't do a thing about a squirrel. They chew LOUDLY on the tree right above him - he looks allllll around wondering where the noise is coming from and keeps sniffing the air, but never.looks.up. LOL!