Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tip Me Tuesday... (a repost)

Tip Junkie handmade projects

I have searched high and low for the "perfect" tiered cupcake/cake/dessert server.  I didn't want a cardboard one, I didn't want a plastic one, I wanted glass or crystal.  I found a 3 level one that I liked, the pieces sat on top of eachother, so that made it easy to store, but the space between them was not enough to put cupcakes that were well decorated in there.

Hmmm, what to do?  Well, of course the answer is... Make it yourself Kathy! :)

So, I went hunting...around my house, inside the buffet, on top of the fridge, inside the hutch, I also hunted the thrift store.  I had a large clear glass serving dish on my fridge that is seldom used, (because I can't see it up there).  I found two clear glass plates at goodwill for a whopping .69 cents each...woo-hoo!  Love cheap stuff!

I had a drawer full of crystal and glass candle holders that I NEVER use....and I had a precious, adorable small cake tier that I was willing to sacrifice to get what I want, lol.

So, here is what I did. 

(The final product at a Baby Shower)

NOTE:  If you have no desire to make this but would like to see the final product, scroll WAY down to the last photo. :)

FIRST, I searched the internet, because I had no idea what to do. 

I found out that all I needed was a good "glass glue"...several were listed.  Hubby picked up a 5 minute Epoxy for me that works on glass.

I stacked everything the way I wanted it, trying out various separaters at different levels until it was just right.
I thorougly washed, rinsed and dried all the pieces to be used.  Make sure you rinse them GOOD, you do not want any soap residue to interfere with the glue adhering.

Next, I made paper templates for each plate size so that I could find the exact middles...

I had to tape several sheets of paper togehter for the larger plates...

Cut out a circle the exact size of each plate...

Fold it perfectly in half...

Press the crease to make it sharp...

See how nice and sharp it is? :)  Now, open it up and...

Fold it in the other direction, lining up the crease to itself to  make a perfect cross mark in the center...

Again, press the crease in this direction...

Now, open it out and draw a plus mark in the center where they meet...
Do this to all of your paper templates...

Place your plate on the circle... I put mine upside down so I could line up the edges...

Make sure it is perfectly centered...

With a THIN permanent marker, make a teensy tiny little X by standing DIRECTLY over the center of the plate.  If you do this at an angle, it won't be in the middle.  You are marking the center of the plate.

See my tiny mark?

See how tiny it really is?  You want it small so it isn't visible when it's all said and done...My platets are not perfectly flat, but they are "almost" flat.  If you can find perfectly flat ones, that's best for cupcakes, but those with a slight curved edge are fine for any other hors d' oeurves (did I spell that even close correct?), veggies, fruits, etc...

This is the glue my hubby found for me.  It worked perfectly and he got it at Lowe's Home Improvement.

I have no idea why I felt the need to show you the back... ?

5 minute epoxy dries quick (in minutes actually, lol)...so mix only a little bit and do a plate or two at a time working quickly, but CAREFULLY!!  Apply just as much as you need to cover the edge, not too much or it will goop out...a little bit goes a long way.

This is the base of the main plate, I am putting all three of these on the bottom, just like this, so they all need to have glue applied to them at once.  These are candle holders I bought 700 years ago and never used...

This is the candle holder I am using to separate the bottom plate from the next plate.  It allows enough room for cupcakes to be placed on the tier without smushing them. :) ... I'm pretty sure this one was never used either...but if you don't have any, they are super cheap new (about $1.00) and only about .60 cents at a thrift store.

When the glue has been applied, immediately center your plate on the holder (see my little x?).  Press it into place...

Though it probably wasn't necessary since glass has weight, we decided to weigh them down while they "set up".  The epoxy dries in 5 minutes, but it shouldn't be "handled" for an hour. So we waited an hour before stacking all our tiers.

This wait time allows your husband to use the plates as landing pads for his helicopter...

Nice. :)

When you choose your pieces, be sure that the bottom of your plates will lay perfectly flat on the "stand" you choose.  You don't want a bumpy or wavy edge, as this could prevent if from being securely attached.

After 1 hour, we applied glue to the bottom of the candle sticks (not the very bottom ones though...we didn't want it secured to the table!).  I carefully lined up the centers as best I could, and weighted it with a bag of flour (wheat for extra weight, LOLOL).  Then we went to bed...

When I woke up the first thing I did (even before coffee!) was check it out.  Hubby was the first to lift it up and tilt it, carefully placing his hand underneath incase something fell off.  Every piece is secure and cemented in place... Isn't it pretty?  It's exactly what I wanted, and the cost was an incredible bargain!

Your turn!  What are you creating?

Have a blessed day!
Kathy C.


  1. I'm not creating anything that beautiful. :-) So creative and turned out so nice. I can just see cupcakes on it.

    I'm working on embroidering and beading a wool felt bird. I don't know how it will turn out because I'm not using a pattern. I wanted it for a blog post though so am giving it a try.

  2. Yes, it is VERY pretty. And just in time for Valentine's Day:) Just curious?? Is it dishwasher safe??

  3. Okay...that is so cool! How do you come up with these kinds of things? You have inspired me to do something creative today...although I have absolutely no idea what that is! I'll have to think of something...don't want inspiration to go to waste!
    It's beautiful! Can we see it with cupcakes on it, too?

  4. Girl.. you are soooo talented!! I don't think i would ever be brave enough let alone imaginative enough to do this.

    Great job!

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  6. This is a great and thorough. My hubby would do the same thing with his helicopter lol. Thanks