Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Funnies ~ Stormies Fall Vacation...

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Last year we went on a Fall Vacation...we couldn't take our precious little punkin', Stormie with us.  Sooooo, we brought her "alternate personality" along...  Ok, I did say "we" but truly, my husband had no part in this....he was just a pawn in my odd little photography scheme, lol.

You might think this is funny....OR you might think we are strange (which wouldn't be too off base). 

"PLEEEEAASE can I have a cookie?"...

 "Dad, why are you workin' on vacation?  Can we go out and play?"

"Hey Dad!  Wake up!  Wake up!  Wake up!"

"Wow...I love this sunroof thingie!"

"I am the master climber!  I have conquered Tallulah Gorge!"

"Thanks for the chip Dad"

"Wow...hiking makes me hungry!"

"Whew, I'm worn out.  Think I'll snuggle up with Dad on the couch"

"Can we go outside?"

"Yea!  I love playing in the leaves...this is way cool Mom!"

"Thanks for letting me read your Bible...I forgot mine"

"Do I look cute?  Or is that waterfall sticking out of the top of my head?"

"Man!  That's a long trail...and all uphill...can you carry me?"

"What?  No seatbelt?  I'm calling PETA!!!"

"This is so's like playing a video game"

"Wow, Mom.  Is that the 'Big City'?"

"No dogs allowed?  Um, you coulda sat outside.  I hope you bring me a chicken sandwich"


  1. OH and I heard it in Stormie's voice to make it even more funny! LOL!

    Love you my friend.

  2. Oh, you are so clever! I love this! Did you bring her a chicken sandwich? LOL!

    Love ya loads, sweet sister!
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  3. Yep. Funny! funny, Funny, FUNNY! LOVE IT! It's so hard to leave them behind, isn't it? We have to do it this weekend and I'm not looking forward to it. We hired a good sitter, though, so they don't have to leave the house.
    Peace and blessings to your day!

  4. I think it's cute and funny!! And maybe you are just a little strange too. ;) LOL!