Sunday, November 9, 2008

I really am here...

I haven't posted anything in a whole week!!! I had my wisdom teeth taken out last Monday, so I wasn't really in the mood to do much that day. I was impressed with the job the Dr. did though, as it only took about 30 minutes to take all 4 of them out and I didn't have any swelling or bruising at all! Yeah!

Tuesday, my dearest friend in the whole world, Kim, came over (she's not going to the gym if I'm not going, LOL) and we watched a silly movie and had coffee. I did a "typical Kathy" thing and accidentally splattered half n' half all over my kitchen counter (shook the container when the cap wasn't screwed on!). I got to watch her enjoy eating my leftover brownies (I could smell them, but not eat them due to the holes in my mouth).

I couldn't post any recipes this week, because I wasn't able to eat anything but "mushy" stuff (yogurt, applesauce and pureed oatmeal get old after 2 days) and the thought of real food made me want it too badly!

Yesterday I began to feel more able to eat, so I grilled some chicken for lunch. In my "typically Kathy" way, I put the chicken on the grill and turned to walk away, blindly reaching out to close the grill, I completely missed the handle and placed all four of my fingers directly on the sizzling hot grill lid - YUP - blisters on all 4 fingers!!!! Ouch! What was I thinking?

I am quite recoverd now, LOL and ready to enjoy this beautiful day that God has set before me. We are going to take our boat out to the river and watch the Blue Angels perform at the Kennedy Space Center Airshow. I'll be sure to take some photos and video to share.

I hope everyone has a beautiful and blessed Sunday!


  1. So that's where you've been lol. Just kidding! I get to hear all the stories live, up close and personal. Yup I even got to look into the mouth of now 4 less teeth. Hey you gotta show someone right and only a best friend truly understands. Right my friend?
    Love you sister.

  2. Wisdom teeth pulled and burnt fingers in one week? yikes! I had 4 molars pulled when I was in middle school - my mom decided to schedule it for Thanksgiving break - sigh. I could only eat the mashed potatoes and gravy. I was quite upset and obviously it has scarred me for life - LOL!

    Umm, since Kim was eating brownies, does that mean her detox diet is over or is that a new kind of detoxing? :)

    Glad you are doing better!

  3. Kathy,

    Oh my stars!! Wisdom teeth gone..spilled milk (I hope Kim cleaned that up for you)..burnt was one of those weeks huh?

    I hope the Blue Angels made up for it! How wonderful that you got to see it on the river!! Hope you are feeling better and on the mend.

    ((hugs)) to you sweet one!

  4. Kathy,

    I have an Award for you. Please come check it out when you get a chance.

    ((hugs)) to you sweet one!

  5. Ouch on the fingers!

    And glad you're feeling better from the wisdom teeth episode. I went through that a few years ago - 3 of them were impacted - and my face was SO puffy for a while! But I managed to go rock climbing the next day. Sort of.

  6. SO you're the Kathy that Kim always posts about. I love her. We "met" through Homestead Blogger over a year ago, and I count her as a dear friend. I'm glad the Lord allowed our paths to cross.

    As for your wisdom teeth. Glad you're feeling better. I remember having mine out---3 of them about 20 years ago. Not a fun time as I recall.

    I look forward to reading your blog again.


  7. How are you? I realized you haven't been around for a few days. Hope everything is well with you.

    Have a blessed day!

  8. I know you're busy, but I tagged you for a meme on my blog! You can save it for a day when you can't think of anything! :)

    I hope you have a wonderful time with your son and a happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Hey Cathy,
    I just saw the pictures of Chris. I can't believe he is really old enough to be in the service. My how time flies.

    Shirley Hutchins