Saturday, June 28, 2008

New to this...

I am pretty new to this "Blogging" thing, so please be patient with me while I get my page set up. I hope, in the future, to share the joys of homemaking. To include, cleaning, cooking, sewing, gardening and more... :)


  1. I like your blog Aunt Kathy!

  2. Oh just wait. This blog will grow wings and fly before you know it. It's already cute. Yours will probably be better than mine the way you do stuff lol.
    Love ya sista.

  3. Darn. I just threw away a pineapple top. Will give this a try with the next one.

    You'll find your "blogging voice". I've only been blogging since late Jan. Started off doing one thing & now I'm off in a whole new direction. I realized I had so much more to share & talk about than just aprons. You've probably noticed that my blog is a hodge podge of everything: family, gardening, cooking, photos... and aprons. I love to write & this has blossomed into such a fun & creative outlet for me.

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  4. This look's great, I love pineapple. It looks sharp, Holly

  5. Congratulations on your new blog! I'll be back to read more of what you have to say!